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Bluetent – Five ways to harness the power of strategic email marketing 

When it comes to return on investment, email marketing tops the charts. Join Bluetent’s Peter Scott, President, and Sasha Lawler, Director of Sales and Marketing, to learn how sending personalized and highly targeted emails can help you achieve your engagement, retention, acquisition, and conversion goals. They’ll discuss growing your subscriber list, boosting online conversions, enhancing guest experience, re-engaging website visitors and past guests, and acquiring new owners. You’ll leave with tangible tips and a new appreciation for the power of email marketing to drive more revenue and build your brand.

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VRBO: Success in Your Property Manager Ecosystem

At VRBO, our goal is to be the most trusted and profitable marketplace for our property managers. Learn about the latest tools, technologies, and market insights to help you stay ahead of the game and max out your bookings.

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Xplorie – Gen Z Travel Trends

The “experiential” travel trend is expected to continue and grow as Gen Zers begin to flood the travel market. Travel brands are in a unique position to capitalize on this trend because travel is the “ultimate experience.” Learn how to create key incentives that attract this new generation to your business.

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Yapstone – Max Out Bookings: How to Take Advantage of Tools, Technologies and Best Practices

In this constantly changing industry, vacation rental professionals need to stay ahead of the game with the latest tools, technologies, and trends. We surveyed hundreds of vacation rental property managers and administrators like you, and have built this presentation to address your most prominent needs. We will share best practices for effective tools and strategies to market your properties, analyze your payments data, improve your guest experience, and max out your bookings.

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YourWelcome – Impact Your Profitability with Historical Guest Search & Transactional Data

Take the guess work out of which services to market to your guests, and how and when to promote them during their stay. Find out how leading Property Managers are successfully applying data insights to increase conversion rates on selling their services

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Rented.com – Revenue Management Bootcamp

Deep dive into 5 of your underperforming properties to figure out what is preventing them from booking as they should.

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Safely – Guest Screening and Risk Scoring – How to Avoid Bad Guests with Safely

Safely builds trust into your vacation rentals with the industry’s most comprehensive guest screening program, backed by up to $1 million in primary commercial insurance – all paid for by the guest.

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VacayHomeConnect – Gain Access to Members-Only Networks to Increase Booking Revenue

Give your homeowners peace of mind by knowing who is staying in their home and by providing comprehensive coverage for when something goes wrong.

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Rabbu – How to be Smarter About Rental Safety

Security is like insurance—you have to have it before you need it. It’s easy to think “it won’t happen to me,” but that mentality can lead to worst case scenarios that could cost your business. Learn how you can protect your rentals, guests, and business with modern security practices in this thoughtful webinar.

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Key Data Dashboard – Getting on the Same Page: Data and Revenue Management Terminology, Common KPIs, and Data Types for Vacation Rental Managers

An update on the common KPIs, terminology and services available to help PMs with pricing, owner communication, and revenue optimization.