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Breezeway – Leaning on Technology to Harness Property Data & Professionalize your Service

As the importance of property care and guest service continue to climb, professional vacation rental managers are building smarter programs for preparing properties, communicating with guests, and retaining owners. This session will cover all the best practices for optimizing service, enabling you to transform your processes and boost your brand. From the non-negotiable items to clean and inspect at each property, to harnessing operational data to deliver a better guest and owner experience, you’ll walk away from this session equipped with the tools and knowledge to transform the way you care for your properties.

RentalGuardian – Must See New Products Unveiled!

RentalGuardian is excited to unveil multiple new groundbreaking products to use within your Streamline Software system. These new products and enhancements encompass Travel Insurance, Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance, Damage Protection, I.D. Verification, and Rain Protection. You won’t want to miss these important announcements!

Xplorie – Owning Your Guest Experience

From voice-activated concierge services to apps and in-room devices, join Xplorie for an exploration into the guest journey and how the best operators are balancing human interaction and technology to elevate the guest experience.

Vrbo – Top 3 tips to attract high value guests

Join the Vrbo team for a session filled with recent traveler research, actionable takeaways, and best practices to attract high-value guests as travel recovers around the world. Learn what travelers are looking for from global Expedia Group research • Take away 3 key actions to help grow your business this year • Get insights and support to power your success on Vrbo with Streamline

Q4Launch – 3 Ways to Leverage Your Streamline Data to Drive Revenue

One of the best benefits of Streamline’s software is how much data it provides, but that can be overwhelming. Come to Q4Launch’s workshop to get some actionable tips on how to leverage that data!

KeyData – Data Driven Tools Built for Data Driven Teams

Like all well-run companies, property management companies should be data driven at their core. With so many different software platforms that don’t all integrate together this can be hard. The best companies are still finding a way. In this session we discuss how to identify, measure, collect, report on, and most importantly act on your data. Companies making clear data driven decisions are leading our industry and will continue to do so. If you’re not one of them, we’ll walk through practical advice on how to make this happen, and where you can start improving today!

ICND – Braving Independence -The Quest for a Well Optimized Website and the Courage to Stand Alone (from the OTA’s)

Challenging the norm, ICND will break down what features make a well optimized (and conversion focused) website.  What features are important versus what’s industry noise?  Just like self-help books, your website needs to be continuously improved upon.  But where do you start?  We’ll break down the most effective ways to make sure your website is used by your guests for repeat bookings and what features give you the best return on your investment. Key Takeaways • Breaking down features for the Homepage, Search Results, Property Detail, and Booking pages and what features they must have that trigger more conversions • Leads vs bookings – how to get them & how to nurture them • Modules/Addons that make the most bang for your buck• How to make sure your guests come back to your website vs the OTAs — Presented by: Vanessa Humes

EZCare – The Tsunami of Change and the Future of Property Care

When you hear “the future is here,” you could be clearly describing the current vacation rental industry. However, there’s about to be a tsunami of change (e.g., legislative, environmental, technological, demographic) that will shape property care operations staff. Starting today, owners, managers, cleaners, and maintenance techs need to prepare for this transformative wave. The session pushes beyond theory by introducing real case-study examples and how this information can be used today to shape VR companies for what the coming years will demand.

Brivo – Creating Safe & Enjoyable Experience for Your Guests

Your guests expect a seamless and enjoyable experience while at your property. You expect a solution that delivers security and convenience that improves property management, increases revenue and creates a memorable guest experience. Join this workshop and learn how Brivo helps you: • Manage hundred of properties from one cloud-based dashboard • Save time and money with our vacation rental home automation platform • Eliminate rekeying costs from guests losing or forgetting keys • Increase guest satisfaction with easy and remote check-in and check-out • Improve security by locking and monitoring your vacant properties.

PriceLabs – Your “Big Picture” Pricing Strategy: How to balance the needs of your portfolio and individual listings

Revenue management is a full-time job, and can be especially time consuming if your team is managing listings one-by-one. In this session we will discuss how to help your RM team focus on managing your portfolio as a whole, while still giving each listing the individual attention needed to exceed revenue goals.

We will go over a framework for grouping properties with similar booking trends, creating rulesets for implementing individualized pricing strategies across your portfolio, and focus on which performance indicators to track to pinpoint listings that require individual attention. Our goal is to take the busywork out of pricing without leaving any money on the table.