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Bizcor – Optimize Your Homeowner Acquisition Marketing

Join BIZCOR as we discuss the key components of a killer Homeowner Acquisition Strategy. From landing page design and brochure creation, to SEO and PPC, learn how you can attract new homeowners and increase your inventory.

Autohost – Revolutionizing Trust and Safety: Practical Guest Screening Strategies You Can Implement Today

Without guest screening, property managers are vulnerable to parties, damages, fraud and chargebacks. These practical tips will help you protect your properties, reduce unnecessary costs and scale your business.

Safely – Tactics Property Managers Use to Expand Direct Bookings

Direct Bookings have become a priority for property managers as they reduce their dependence on OTAs.  Learn about the 5 tactics that Streamline property managers have used to expand their direct bookings to grow their business.  The session will be moderated by Safely, the leading insurtech and guest screening solution for the vacation and short-term rental market.

Bluetent – The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing: What Works & What Doesn’t

There’s no shortage of online advice regarding the perfect digital marketing plan — experts and strategists from every corner of the worldwide web have opinions to share. But who can you really trust and what digital marketing strategies actually work? More specifically, what strategies work best for vacation rental brands?

Join senior strategic account manager Kara Kacmarcik of Bluetent for an honest discussion highlighting proven, successful strategies … and a few unsuccessful ones, too. From utilizing email marketing to increase revenue and online transactions to adding a homeowner acquisition campaign to your existing marketing strategy.

HomeToGo – 6 Tips to Get More Bookings for Your Listings

Learn how to use your Streamline functionality and exclusive HomeToGo guest data to create better listings for better conversions and better guest experiences. In this session, HomeToGo’s Head of Business Development Bryan Boice will walk property managers through the importance of high-resolution photos, descriptions that target the new normal of travel, guest communications, and more. These fundamentals will be backed by guest surveys and the latest from HomeToGo’s exclusive guest booking data.