Class Descriptions

101: Revenue Management

Introduction to Revenue Management- Terminology, Concepts, & Data Analytics

201: Advanced Revenue Management Strategies & Implementation

Advanced Revenue Management with Streamline: Automatic Pricing Tool, Market Intelligence, Business Intelligence & Reporting

5 Essential Reports to Help Streamline Your Business!

Join us for a discussion on the Housekeeping Cleaning Report, Maintenance Work Order Reports, Reservations Analysis, Integrations Property Errors and Heard About/Lead Source. Discover how these can save you time and money.

Abodeca – How Does Your DIgital User Experience Measure Up to the OTAs – Alternative Search & the State of the Book Direct Movement

The need for a Property Management Company to build its’ own brand has never been more important. We will discuss the importance of having a branding, social media, website, checkout system and guest communication system that is on par with the OTAs. We will also dive into the search behavior patterns of the guest that are more and more understanding the high cost of using the OTAs and how to capitalize on that from an SEO perspective. We will finish with thoughts on the book direct movements current state and where we see the future going.

Advanced Housekeeping: Cleaning Flows

Your housekeeping operations are unique! Learn how to set up custom clean types and flows to suit the Streamline housekeeping area to your needs.

Airbnb – Optimize for growth with Airbnb

Attend Airbnb’s workshop to learn how to optimize for success with new products and offerings. You’ll also get a sneak preview of what’s to come from Airbnb and the Streamline partnership in 2019.

Ascent Processing – Property Managers – Say Hello to More Money Fast and Goodbye to Chargebacks & Fraud

Ascent brings the first guest-finance solution to the Vacation Rental Industry allowing guests to travel now and pay monthly over time, while PMs get paid 100% in full the day of booking, no chargeback or fraud liability, and more direct bookings. Learn more about AscentPay powered by Uplift and how you can get paid quicker with less hassle. [email protected] 888-721-9301

Availability Optimization Tools

Join us to learn about Streamline’s automatic tools to optimize availability and maximize revenue

Bizcor – Want More Inventory?

We thought so… Discover why your website is one of the most important tools you have to court potential homeowners. We will discuss what homeowners want to see, how to impress them, and how you can complement existing marketing initiatives.

Bluetent – Five ways to harness the power of strategic email marketing 

When it comes to return on investment, email marketing tops the charts. Join Bluetent’s Peter Scott, President, and Sasha Lawler, Director of Sales and Marketing, to learn how sending personalized and highly targeted emails can help you achieve your engagement, retention, acquisition, and conversion goals. They’ll discuss growing your subscriber list, boosting online conversions, enhancing guest experience, re-engaging website visitors and past guests, and acquiring new owners. You’ll leave with tangible tips and a new appreciation for the power of email marketing to drive more revenue and build your brand.

Breezeway – Transforming Your Business Through Service Optimization

Service is the biggest piece of the enormous workload that vacation rental managers are faced with; including coordinating operations, managing staff, and engaging with guests. By optimizing these efforts, managers are able to re-focus their attention on delivering positive experiences for guests and homeowners. This presentation will equip managers with the tools they need to bring hotel-level service operations to their vacation rental management business.

Business Intelligence

In this session, we will review actionable Insights Into Your Business with Interactive Reporting & Data Analysis

Come Take a Tour Inside Streamline University

Come tour SLU’s virtual campus, see what’s new, learn how to use it to train your staff and get a sneak peek of our 2020 roadmap!

Documents: Taking Streamline Triggers to the Next Level

Identify and discuss how to utilize Streamline’s Document Triggers to simplify your day to day operations and improve your bottom line.

Dormakaba – Join the Smart Home Revolution: 3 Ways Online Access Control is a Win-Win

Take advantage of the smart home revolution to attract more guests, streamline operations, cut costs and boost revenue. Find out how you can provide a high level of security and amenities guests are familiar with to make your vacation rental feel like a home away from home.

EZ Inspections – Retooling Your Field Services for Profit – Discover How New Technology is Reshaping Housekeeping, Inspections and Maintenance

Join this interactive workshop where we’ll explore field service automation in depth and how, with new technology, you can retool housekeeping, inspections and maintenance to protect margins, create profit and improve your brand.

Happy Guests with Happy Stays

Learn about the Guest App Experience while familiarizing yourself with the new features we are bringing to our latest release. Discover how all of the current and new features can help you and your company succeed in the app world.

Housekeeping: Linen Delivery System Packing Slips

Trying to tidy up your linen management? Stay fresh with information on our Linen Delivery/Package logic and our Packing Slip technology.

HVN Private Travel Network – Unlocking the Private Travel Marketplace to Maximize Profits

An inside look at how hotel revenue managers optimize profitability by accessing private markets… and how you can do the same with HVN!

Integrations 101

To Integrate, or not to? That is the question…that will be discussed here. Get a high-level overview of who Streamline integrates with and how they can add value to your business.

Keeping Vendors Happy

Vendors play a vital role in your success and growth. We will show you best practices to keep your vendors happy and paid while keeping your accounting in trust. We will cover the ins and outs of payables and vendor management in Streamline.

Key Data Dashboard – Getting on the Same Page: Data and Revenue Management Terminology, Common KPIs, and Data Types for Vacation Rental Managers

An update on the common KPIs, terminology and services available to help PMs with pricing, owner communication, and revenue optimization.

Lead Management Pro: Taking Communication to New Heights

Come learn about the new Lead Management System. This is a centralized communication hub for emails, texts, OTA Messaging, and lead management.

Lexicon Travel Technologies – How the VR Distribution Landscape has Changed, Forever, and What You Need to Know to Be Successful Going Forward

We all prefer direct bookings, but they aren’t as easy to come by as they once were. In fact, 51% of travel plans starting with OTA searches. Come learn how you can use hotel-style OTA’s to generate NEW revenue. This is a great session, even if you are already using these platforms and just want more bookings!

Long-Term Reservation Management & Portfolio Diversification

Long-term units are becoming increasingly utilized throughout our industry. Join us to learn how long-term reservations are set-up and managed and how they can help maximize revenue in an increasingly competitive market.

LSI Tools – Smoke & Mirrors- Removing Bias from Data Analysis

Come to LSI’s Smoke & Mirrors presentation to learn how to mine gold from your reservation data. We will show you how to make more money from the information that already resides in your PMS database!

Lynnbrook Group – Payment Processing in Streamline

Join the Lynnbrook Group for an informal discussion on payment processing through your Streamline software. This session will provide a high-level overview of processing fees, chargebacks, and ACH payments to homeowners and vendors.

Managing Work Orders

Join us to learn how to seamlessly create and effectively organize work orders to maximize profitability and unite your team.

OTAs: Marketing & Best Practices

Content can make or break a deal when guests are looking to book. Make sure you know how to present your listings with all the required content to maximize bookings. Plus a discussion on the best practices to ensure your listings are set up perfectly for bookings on OTA’s. We will also show you how to quickly spot integration issues to resolve them quickly.

Point Central – The Rise of the Smart Home and Its’ Implications on Your Business

Smart home adoption is growing quickly. Join us as we discuss the challenges and opportunities this technology presents for you and your business.

Property Care: Surviving the Wild Housekeeping & Maintenance Jungle | Owner App

Learn how the Property Care app can improve your business operations through better management of your Housekeeping and Maintenance teams. Real time communication and streamlined processes are just a few of the benefits that will help your team be more agile and efficient.
Bonus: Owner App Demo

Q4 Launch – 7 Strategies to Increase Website Traffic and Direct Bookings

In this fast-paced session we’ll dive into 7 strategies with real-world examples you can use to increase website traffic and direct bookings. We’ll look at best practice examples for each and provide a workbook for you to follow along and complete to take your marketing to the next level! If you’re looking for actionable marketing ideas and strategies, don’t miss this!

Rabbu – How to be Smarter About Rental Safety

Security is like insurance—you have to have it before you need it. It’s easy to think “it won’t happen to me,” but that mentality can lead to worst case scenarios that could cost your business. Learn how you can protect your rentals, guests, and business with modern security practices in this thoughtful webinar.

Refining Your “Trusted” Month End Process

Do you feel like you are doing a balancing act at the end of every month? Learn how to Streamline your month end process and ensure you are in Trust each and every month. – Revenue Management Bootcamp

Deep dive into 5 of your underperforming properties to figure out what is preventing them from booking as they should.

Reservation Management: Modify, Cancel, Group Logic

See how to manage reservations in real time. Learn more about some of Streamline’s latest releases that directly impact reservation management.

Safely – Guest Screening and Risk Scoring – How to Avoid Bad Guests with Safely

Safely builds trust into your vacation rentals with the industry’s most comprehensive guest screening program, backed by up to $1 million in primary commercial insurance – all paid for by the guest.

Streamline Roadmap: A Look Ahead

Streamline continues to devliver new functionality to help you stay at the top. Find out what’s in store for the future as our companies and industry continue to grow.

Streamline: Built to Last

Learn how Streamline is “Built to Last” and is the software platform of choice for another 20+ years. Also learn about Streamline Engineering process changes and priorities for 2019 / 2020.

Streamphone In Action

A walk through of Streamphone. Learn about all three products, their functionality, as well as other tips and tricks to get the most out of your communication package.

StreamShare: Uniting Forces to Rule the Vacation Rental Jungle

Hop on a StreamShare safari by harnessing the power of partnerships and uniting with the Streamline family to become your own OTA (Online Travel Agent)

Test Your Knowledge: The New Help Desk

Get the most out of the new Help Desk and maximize your system knowledge!

Transitioning to StreamTrust

Is StreamTrust right for you? What steps are required to transition? What happens to your historical accounting data? Find out everything you need to know about transitioning to StreamTrust.

Triggered & Scheduled Cleans: Housekeeping Outside of the Box

Elevate your day to day operations with our housekeeping triggering and scheduling options.

User Group 1: Reservations/ Lead Management Module

Calling all lead management module users to share best practices, tips, and effective use of the Lead Management module in Streamline. This user group will be facilitated by a Streamline senior member.

User Group 2: Maintenance Module

Calling all maintenance module users to share best practices, tips, and effective use of the maintenance module in Streamline. This user group will be facilitated by a Streamline senior member.

User Group 3: Housekeeping Module

Calling all housekeeping module users to share best practices, tips, and effective use of the housekeeping module in Streamline. This user group will be facilitated by a Streamline senior member.

VacayHomeConnect – Gain Access to Members-Only Networks to Increase Booking Revenue

Give your homeowners peace of mind by knowing who is staying in their home and by providing comprehensive coverage for when something goes wrong.

VRBO: Success in Your Property Manager Ecosystem

At VRBO, our goal is to be the most trusted and profitable marketplace for our property managers. Learn about the latest tools, technologies, and market insights to help you stay ahead of the game and max out your bookings.

Website Technology: Increase Direct Bookings & Homeowners

Discover the newest data-driven website technology developed exclusively for Streamline customers. Perfect for companies looking to enhance their brand and improve their bottom line.

Why You Need StreamTrust: Trust Accounting and Laws

When people hear the term trust or escrow accounting, their first thought may be “that does not apply to me” or “how do I know if I am regulated by the state?”. While this may not apply to you, using StreamTrust Accounting will not only give you peace of mind but the reporting provided will assist you in keeping your accounts in balance.

Xplorie – Gen Z Travel Trends

The “experiential” travel trend is expected to continue and grow as Gen Zers begin to flood the travel market. Travel brands are in a unique position to capitalize on this trend because travel is the “ultimate experience.” Learn how to create key incentives that attract this new generation to your business.

Yapstone – Max Out Bookings: How to Take Advantage of Tools, Technologies and Best Practices

In this constantly changing industry, vacation rental professionals need to stay ahead of the game with the latest tools, technologies, and trends. We surveyed hundreds of vacation rental property managers and administrators like you, and have built this presentation to address your most prominent needs. We will share best practices for effective tools and strategies to market your properties, analyze your payments data, improve your guest experience, and max out your bookings.

Yielding and OTAs: What You Need to Know

Learn how to optimize your inventory through distribution channels with pricing and length of stays.

Your Accounting Day to Day

Maximizing your day to day accounting with StreamTrust. Learn about tasks that you can complete daily to ensure a smooth month end.

YourWelcome – Impact Your Profitability with Historical Guest Search & Transactional Data

Take the guess work out of which services to market to your guests, and how and when to promote them during their stay. Find out how leading Property Managers are successfully applying data insights to increase conversion rates on selling their services