Class Descriptions

3rd Party Integrations

An overview discussing all 3rd party integrations available for use with your Streamline system.

Abodeca — Taking Back Control of Your Brand

A perspective on the rise of 3rd Wave OTA’s and how building your own company brand is going to be more important than ever with the upcoming changes from Google and Facebook.

Advanced Housekeeping Functions & Procedures

This session will cover creating unique clean types and flows independent of Streamline’s default cleaning logic. There will also be a discussion on utilizing both triggered and scheduled cleans, and how both can/should be used given your current cleaning processes.

Airbnb – Boost your business with Airbnb!

Airbnb continues to evolve as a platform to help us better partner with travel and hospitality entrepreneurs like you and make it easier for you to connect with our community of guests that hail from 191 countries around the world. We want Airbnb to be for everyone, including professional hospitality providers that offer unique spaces and personal hospitality to the Airbnb community.
Over the course of the past 10 years, hundreds of millions of people have used Airbnb to travel and experience the world, and we are continuing to grow. To date, there have been over 300 million guest arrivals in Airbnb listings around the world and we are on a path to more than 1 billion annual guests by 2028.
Join Terry Donovan, Airbnb‘s Territory Manager for the Northeast USA and Eastern Canada region, as he walks you through the platform’s evolution and shares how you can partner with Airbnb through Streamline’s great software to help grow your business. He’ll give you tips on getting started on the platform, differentiating yourself in the area, and will discuss how to drive more bookings.

Ascent – Making a Statement: A Workshop to Understand Your Payment Processing Statement and Tell if You are Being Overcharged

As a 20-year-expert in the Vacation Rental/Lodging industry, we provide merchants with customized payment processing programs based upon their specific business goals. We can help lower processing costs to drop more profit to your bottom line – no matter what type of program you currently use. Let us show you how to calculate your effective rate and find areas where you can save additional time and/or money. In fact, you can make money by bringing a statement to this workshop: Trade in Your Statements for a $10 gift card.

Availability Optimization

Join us to learn about Streamline’s unique revenue management tools, with an emphasis on gap logic, pricing per day, and nightly minimum logic

Bizcor – Top 10 Website Conversion Tactics

You will walk away with real resources to lower your costs and increase your bottom line.

BookingPal – Market Disruption – Hotel Chains Entering the Vacation Rental Market

This class will review the growing trend of large hotel brands growing their own vacation rental businesses, as well as hotels beginning to use popular vacation rental channels.

Breezeway – The Push for Higher Quality Hospitality Service: The Next Big Opportunity for Property Managers is Here

The landscape of property management is changing. Increased consumer expectations are placing a larger emphasis on quality rental properties, personalized experiences, and concierge engagement. This shift has elevated the pressure on operators to deliver more service, on-demand and on-brand. Find out how your business can take advantage of this massive opportunity and increase its role in the market.

Closing Out Your Month End (and Bank Reconciliation) with StreamTrust

What should you be doing throughout the month to ensure a seamless month end? Learn best practices to finalize your month end and reconcile your bank account.

CSA | Generali Global Assistance – Make money and help protect your guests by selling vacation rental insurance.

For over 25 years, CSA Travel Protection-Generali Global Assistance has led the industry in helping our partners generate revenue and improve guest satisfaction. Offering vacation rental damage protection for your rentals plus region-specific travel insurance plans for coastal, ski and mountain areas, we seamlessly integrate our programs with your reservation software and offer sales training and marketing tools at no additional cost to you. Visit us today to learn more.

Documents System Basics

Learn how to start utilizing Streamline’s document system. We will review adding new documents, the basics of tags, and more.

Fundamentals of StreamTrust Accounting

This course will present you the basics of Trust accounting and reports/tools used within Streamline to ensure that you are operating in trust and managing your cash flow correctly.

Guest marketing with MailChimp and ConstantContact

This session will cover our new integration with Mail Chimp and Constant Contact and how to maximize your guest relationship tools in the Streamline system

Guest Reviews and Surveys

This session will provide you with an overview of setting up Streamline reviews and surveys. It will also include benefits, tips and our best practices.

Homeaway – Better together: How our Partnership Unlocks Limitless Potential

Together we’ve accomplished so much and have made great strides to move the industry forward. Long described as “alternative” lodging, Phocuswright recently proclaimed that vacation rentals are now mainstream. To continue that momentum, HomeAway has been hard at work adjusting to ever-evolving traveler trends and behaviors to match their unique needs with your unique properties. By listening to your feedback to create best-in-class solutions, we aim to help Streamline customers be more successful than ever before. Please join us as we share our progress and innovations and how together, we can help you grow in an industry with limitless potential.

Housekeeping Basics

This session focuses on the basic components of housekeeping. Beginning with the people that make up your housekeeping team, then we will then walk you through the potential flows that the Streamline system provides.

Housekeeping Linen Delivery System

This discussion will focus on our new linen delivery system including an overview of route optimization, setting up linen counts/rates, and how this ties into the existing housekeeping logic and reports.

How to get the most out of your Streamline Legacy Accounting System?

This course will show you how to leverage the tools/reports available within your Streamline Legacy Accounting System to ensure you are managing your cash flow correctly.

Important Reports to Manage Your Trust – StreamTrust

This course will show you the various reports and tools used within Streamline to ensure you are operating in trust and managing your cash flow correctly.

Key Data Dashboard – Effective Revenue Management in the Age of Data

Hours of our time are spent pulling data from various software systems into Excel to sort and filter so we can finally take a step back to understand our own performance on the granular and business levels. Additionally, we ask our teams to manually scrape competitor sites to understand how we hold up versus the competition using skewed data. But there’s an easier, more accurate way…

How are you pacing compared to your market? Is your rev par keeping up with your competitors? How does your peak season occupancy stack up against your competition? Take a deep dive into real data in real time to learn how to leverage data visualization and comparison tools to empower informed decision-making throughout your organization.

Lead Management Tools to Improve Reservation Conversion

Knowing how to manage and organize your leads is imperative to keeping your conversion
rates high. This session will cover how to organize, convert, manage, and edit leads within your Streamline system.

LSI Tools – Creative Solutions for Custom Guest Leases and Owner Contracts

Join LSI Tools to learn how your Streamline data can be used to create custom automated documents for your Homeowners and Guests. During this session you will discover the solutions that will automate the everyday processes that keep your vacation rental business running smoothly. No dancing bears here; just straightforward solutions to your everyday challenges.

Lynnbrook Group/Paypros – Visa’s updated 2018 chargeback Rules

How will Visa’s new chargeback rules affect your companies policies and procedures? ​Learn best practices for responding to chargebacks under the new rules.

Managing Distribution of Rates and Wholesale Commissions

This session will teach how to create travel agents and tour operators, along with defining multiple rate types. Learn how commissions and rates are paid out within Streamline

Managing Work Orders

This course will walk you through the flow of a work order. We will start with the basics of entering a work order, to the progression of our queues, and a few advanced features.

Mobile Apps: Guest Portal

Learn about the benefits of the E-Visitor Guide where we breakdown the online guest portal and mobile application.

Mobile Apps: Maintenance, Housekeeping, and Owner

This course will cover our Maintenance, Housekeeping and Owner mobile applications.

Owner Expenses Flow – StreamTrust

Learn how StreamTrust flows expenses from owner charges to vendor payments and owner statements.

Owner Management

This session will cover the many tools that Streamline offers to help keep owners happy and engaged. Learn how the Owner Portal can benefit your business.

Panel Discussions

Panel Discussion 1: Maximizing Operation Efficiency – Everyone has different tips/tricks/tools that they use, and you can learn about them here.

Panel Discussion 2: VR Legislation – A discussion focused on legislative trends throughout the US and what you need to know.

Panel Discussion 3: Maximizing Occupancy and Revenue – Everyone has different tips/tricks/tools that they use, and you can learn about them here.

Panel Discussion 4: Online Marketing Dos/Don’ts – Join industry experts for a discussion on what works when marketing online.

Panel Discussion 5: Mergers/Acquisitions – Thinking about expanding? Here from those who have done it firsthand.

Panel Discussion 6: Maximizing Your Brand and Independence: What sets you apart from others? Everyone consumer has a choice and it’s important to ensure that you are their first choice.





Paving the future together with technology

A think tank to focus on improving existing areas of the system, making existing processes faster and easier, and eliminating unnecessary tediousness through new developments and designs! Bring your ideas!

PointCentral – Home Automation & The Tech-Enabled VRM: Increase Operational Efficiency & Improve the Client Experience

Technology is changing the Vacation Rental landscape, and the smart home is leading the way. Understand home automation and the benefits it can offer you. Learn how VRMs are leveraging the smart home to take control of operations, improve safety, save energy for homeowners and improve the guest experience.

Q4 Launch – The 3 Best Investments You Can Make to Increase Revenue

As business owners and managers we are all faced with the decision in how to best invest of our time and money to grow our business! In this session we’ll dive into the top 3 investments we see VRMs making and share real data on how those investments are paying off! This session will get you started down the track of making 2019 the best year you’ve ever had!

Raise the Bars with StreamPhone

A presentation on what StreamPhone can do to raise your guest retention, raise your guest experience, and raise the bar on your reviews!

Raising Brand (Brand Management)

A marketing discussion on tools to keep your brand relevant and talked about!

Rental Guardian – Protecting What’s Most Important about Your Vacation Rental Business, (It’s not what you think?)

Your Rental Properties and their contents are just a small part of what you must protect about your Vacation Rental Management business. During this jam-packed & energetic session, Brady and John of will outline Key Ideas and Strategies on how you can protect your entire Vacation Rental Eco-System, including your Relationships, Brand, Revenue and Reputation while growing them all at the same time!

Rentals United – Advanced Growth Strategies via Hotel Sites

Acquiring and retaining owners starts with an excellent distribution strategy. This presentation will give you really strong arguments to help you convince your owners to advertise on hotel sites like and Expedia. Understand advanced pricing strategies, costs, cancellations and taking payments. Find out what the stellar partnership between Streamline and Rentals United can do for you.

Reservation Management (Modify, Cancel, Add-ons, Coupons)

This session will go over the how and why you would modify reservation in different scenarios, how to cancel a reservation using the form, best practices while modifying and add-ons

Reservation Revenue Flow – StreamTrust

Learn how StreamTrust flows guest funds from guest deposit to owners and vendors. Highlights include refunding security deposits and canceling reservations.

Revenue Management w/ Streamline

Did you know Streamline now offers a value added service for Revenue Management? Find out how our team utilizes internal and external tools to maximize revenue for your company with proven results.

Roundtable Discussions

Round Table 1: Reputation Management – Maintaining a solid reputation will improve guest retention and help you look attractive to new owners. Sit down with others to discuss this important aspect of your operation.

Round Table 2: Revenue Management – Come to discuss experiences and learn from each other about how revenue practices can help you.

Round Table 3: What’s On Your Mind – Sit down with an industry facilitator for an open Q&A session.

Round Table 4: Dual Mission Model of Vacation Rentals w/ Amy Hinote (VRMintel)

Round Table 5: What’s On Your Mind – Sit down with an industry facilitator for an open Q&A session.

Round Table 6: StreamShare – Sharing inventory can be a major boost for your business and lead generation; find out about this platform during this roundtable and discuss possibilities.

Strategies on Securing your Data

It’s YOUR data, are you doing everything possible to protect it. What are some techniques and strategies Streamline recommends to increase the security of YOUR data.

Streamline University Launch

Classes are in session! Come learn and be amongst the first to explore our new Streamline University. Use this tool to take your training and your business to the next level. Stop by to find out how and where to enroll. Plus, a “summit attendee only” special offer will be unveiled. Don’t miss our official launch!

Streamline’s Development Process (SCRUM)

Learn how Streamline develops features from the initial idea to the release of the feature into the live system.

Streamshare: Maximize your awareness

Broaden your units’ awareness across multiple channels of marketing by partnering with other PMCs. Become your own Travel Agent

Streamsign (Electronic Signature Documents)

This session will provide the benefits of using StreamSign for Property Managers, Owners and Guests.

The Anatomy of an Effective Vacation Rental Website

Why do some guests book and others do not? What do prospective guests focus on when navigating your site? Find out what makes a site conversion friendly.

Top Streamline Performance Reports

This class will take you through the exciting world of KPI metrics and data analysis with Streamline’s top performance reports.

Top Triggers Used in the System and Why

This session will cover the most used triggers in the Streamline System and how they can improve efficiencies in your business

Transitioning to StreamTrust Accounting

Learn about all of the steps involved and other critical information to be able to transition to the StreamTrust accounting logic on January 1st, 2019.

Vacation Rent Payment(Yapstone) – Avoid Fraud to Prevent Chargebacks

Hear real examples of modern fraud tactics, discover actions you can take to prevent fraud, and learn how to avoid vacation rental fraud before it becomes a fraudulent chargeback.

VacayHomeConnect / VacayStayConnect – Hidden Sources of Revenue

Millions of leisure travelers are booking vacations with their Membership and Loyalty Reward Points not available on traditional OTAs. Learn how other property managers are capitalizing on this established and rapidly-growing new market and tap into these diverse sources of rental revenue. Are your properties currently receiving rental revenue from bookings using Membership and Loyalty Reward Points?

VirtualKEY – Use Samsung, Amazon, and Google to Differentiate your Vacation Rental

Home Automation and Personal Guest Assistant are all at your finger-tips. You just didn’t know it! Integrate the best in class hardware used by millions of home to reliably use technology as your competitive advantage. White-label the VirtualKEY Guest App and you are on your way to generating more revenue while enhancing your guest experience.

Weatherby Consulting – Selling your Business for more than it’s Worth, a guide to maximizing the value of your vacation rental business.

This session will provide tangible information on how to increase profit, prepare your business for sale and avoid certain pitfalls in the sale of your business. Even if you are not currently contemplating an exit strategy, the sooner you prepare the better the return.

Weatherby Consulting is the leading provider of transaction services in the Vacation Rental Industry, involved in more the 100 successful transactions.

WordPress Basics & Content Management

Take charge of your website! Come learn which sections of your website can be easily managed by you, how to make changes in these sections, and how to gain the right level of access to do so.

Xplorie – Guest Expectations are Changing – Differentiate your Business by Leading in Guest Experience Best Practices

In this forward-thinking session, we will cover the trending changes in the way that travelers’ expectations are evolving. From unit listings, the value of the anticipation phase and pre-check in messaging, to the availability of in home technology, and the experience out of the home with activities and local engagement. The guest experience is the key factor to insuring that your properties are found, booked and build a loyal return guest value.