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As we continue to navigate though the challenges of this pandemic, we must consider the health and safety of our Summit attendees and staff members during our entire event.

Below are some guidelines, recommendations and general information we would like to share with you in order to have the safest event possible. Please know that this information could change from day to day as we continue to monitor this COVID pandemic daily, so please check back regularly.

• All Summit attendees and staff members will have access to sanitizers that contain at least 60 percent alcohol. This will be distributed to each attendee and placed inside their Summit bag. Also sanitizers will be available in key areas around the event venue.
• All Streamline staff members will be required to wear face masks.
• All Phoenician staff is required to wear face masks at indoors spaces.
• All attendees will be encouraged to wear masks and social distancing/contact comfort levels will be asked at the time of registration. Each badge will have a colored round sticker indicating your comfort level wearing masks, distancing, etc. We will finalize these levels closer to the show, to give you time to make a decision. We ask that everyone respects everyone’s choices in order to ensure the safest outcome.
• Please make sure your nose and mouth are properly covered when wearing a mask. If needed, masks will be available at the registration desk.
• There will be a designated Streamline staff member responsible to address any COVID 19 concerns. This person will be announced at the start of the conference and their name and contact information will be available at the registration | info desk.
• We encourage all attendees and staff members follow good personal health habits each day. Please wash your hands frequently during the entire event.
• Streamline will conduct daily temperature screenings and/or health checks of all staff members.
• Should we have any confirmed Covid cases during the conference, we will require daily temperature screenings and/or health checks of all attendees prior to entering enclosed areas.
• In order to attend the welcome cocktail and farewell party, you will have a unique registration code on your badge for the these events. These IDs will be required in order to attend these events. These registration codes will be sent to you via email and you can also access them through your phone . The code will be scanned prior to entering each event.
• Anyone feeling sick is requested to communicate to our designated staff member and stay in their room while following quarantine procedures recommended by CDC.
• Contact tracing will be enforced through your ID badge when entering enclosed areas, including cocktail party, classes, lunches and farewell party. If someone is reported sick and anyone was in the enclosed area at the same time, you will be contacted and made aware of a possible exposure. This will be communicated following CDC exposure guidelines. Please note, identities cannot be revealed.
* You will be required to register and have a badge, prior to your golf event. We will accommodate this registration at the golf event site, more details to come. Any Streamline staff members involved in golf will be required to wear a mask at all times. It is important for you to keep your foursomes together and at least 6 feet away from other foursomes throughout the golf tournament to improve contact tracing (if ever necessary).
* We will provide optional wipe downs upon entering lunch and classrooms to enable you to disinfect your surrounding area as necessary to your comfort.
* We ask that once you enter a classroom or the lunch area, please minimize the number of times entering and exiting that room for reasons other than the using the restrooms
* For the safety of our staff, we ask that all questions or concerns be voiced from your seats before or after a presentation to reduce close contact with our staff.
* Should any Streamline staff member get sick while at the event, they will be asked to leave for the remainder of the show.
* Should any Streamline staff member be diagnosed with COVID while at the event, it will follow the same contact tracing protocol as an infected attendee and they will be asked to leave for the remainder of the show.
* Due to the hard work and preparation from the presenters of each class, should a staff member fall into a safety protocol keeping them from the venue, they could present or be available via video conference. However, our team is prepared with back up in person presenters should this situation occurs.

As travel changes to reflect a “new normal,” Marriott International, The Phoenician and The Canyon Suites have implemented more than 200 enhanced/additional, and ever-evolving, cleaning protocols along each step of our guests’ journey and throughout every physical space in the resort, supported by CDC, federal, state and local government guidelines (source: Following is a list of enhanced cleaning measures:

• Use of electrostatic sprayers and highest classification of disinfectant products recommended by the CDC and WHO
• Disinfection/sanitization of all guest touchpoints (front desk, elevators, handrails, doorknobs, furniture, public restrooms, pool chairs, golf carts, etc.), repeatedly throughout the day/evening
• Disinfection/sanitization of all guest rooms prior to occupancy
• Disinfection/sanitization of all housekeeping, engineering, or other service tools utilized to clean guest rooms and public areas, following each shift (at minimum)
• Use of UV disinfection devices for small items, such as keys, TV remotes and radios
• Placement of hand-sanitizer stations at all high-traffic public spaces and back-of-house areas
• Placement of disinfecting wipes in all guest rooms

We are looking forward to a wonderful event while keeping everyone safe during these times.
It’s been a long time for many of us to interact and build on these important friendships. We are confident that thanks to our wonderful staff and our incredible clients and vendors, we will have an outstanding Summit!