ICND – Braving Independence -The Quest for a Well Optimized Website and the Courage to Stand Alone (from the OTA’s)

Challenging the norm, ICND will break down what features make a well optimized (and conversion focused) website.  What features are important versus what’s industry noise?  Just like self-help books, your website needs to be continuously improved upon.  But where do you start?  We’ll break down the most effective ways to make sure your website is used by your guests for repeat bookings and what features give you the best return on your investment. Key Takeaways • Breaking down features for the Homepage, Search Results, Property Detail, and Booking pages and what features they must have that trigger more conversions • Leads vs bookings – how to get them & how to nurture them • Modules/Addons that make the most bang for your buck• How to make sure your guests come back to your website vs the OTAs — Presented by: Vanessa Humes