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Day 1 – Monday September 10th – Labs

Time TrailBlazers B Kierland 1A Kierland 1B Kierland 1C TrailBlazers A Powell AB Cushing AB
9-10am Pricing Tools (Availability Optimization) Documents WordPress – Tips And Tricks Mobile Apps
10-11am Lead Management Third Party Set Ups
11-12pm Advanced Pricing Tools (Yielding) StreamSign Documents Mobile Apps
1-2pm Pricing Tools (Availability Optimization) Lead Management
2-3pm Reservations Third Party Set Ups WordPress – Tips And Tricks Mobile Apps
3-4pm Advanced Pricing Tools (Yielding) Documents
4-5pm Lead Management
*All classes/presentations subject to change 

Lab Descriptions

Documents: Open Q&A session for anything you have related to documents/emails.

WordPress: This lab will walk you through general content management and tools you have in your WordPress plugin.

Mobile Apps: Streamline’s mobile developers will assist with any questions you have related to any app (Owner/HK/Main/Guest).

Pricing Tools (Availability Optimization): A lab focused on Streamline’s revenue management tools with a focus on the pricing and nightly minimum tape charts.

Advanced Pricing Tools (Yielding): An advanced discussion on yielding and what it takes to set it up.

Third Party Setups: Our integration team will be available to answer any questions related to your 3rd party integrations and setups.

Lead Management/Emails: Come ask any questions regarding lead management, quick blasts, and drip marketing.

Reservations: Do you need assistance cancelling, modifying or managing any of your reservations? Come and ask our team!

StreamSign: Do you need help setting up your StreamSign documents. Stop by this lab and we will help you out.