Happy Stays: A Way to Pay and Book Another Day

This course allows you to learn about the benefits and set up for Happy Stays and how to increase revenue to make the most of your direct bookings.

All Things Inspections

A clean and safe home is a top priority for both your owners and your guests. We’ll discuss different types of inspections in Streamline and how they can work for you.

Working on the go with Property Care X

Learn how field operators can use the Property Care X app/portal to manage their tasks and maximize efficiency.

Let Your Cleans Flow

In this session, you will discover helpful features and experience custom cleaning flows in Streamline via interactive learning.

Housekeeping Payables

Streamline offers two ways to manage housekeeping payables. Learn how to identify which option you are currently using and if it makes the most sense for your operation.

Maintenance: Features, Tips, & Tricks

In this session, we will show you how to eliminate the manual work of creating work orders, go over maintenance features and review best practices.

Housekeeping Availability and Scheduling Tools

Are you reaping the benefits of our NEWEST Housekeeping scheduling and availability tools? Learn how you can stay on top of your cleaning schedule using the latest features to manage your resources in Streamline.

Guest and Property Care: Communicating with Guest, Staff and Vendors

Learn how to leverage various Streamline tools to communicate with guests, staff and vendors.

HouseKeeping Costing 101

Learn how to identify if you are a candidate to implement HK Costing and how to set up your system to use this feature.