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Unlocking Advanced Tax, Fee, and OTC Strategies: Maximize Revenue and Compliance!

In this advanced session we will share techniques and strategies that go beyond the basics, allowing you to proactively leverage tax and fee structures to maximize revenue potential and improve compliance practices. Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock untapped potential and drive your organization towards sustained success.

Power Spike: Unlock Your System Potential

Based on your feedback, this course was designed to improve your knowledge of untapped system features that can save you time, boost income, and improve guest satisfaction.

Adventure in the World of Cleaning Flows

Overcome being a “noob” and wise up on cleaning set-up and management in Streamline. Via an interactive competition (yes, for prizes), you will experience setting up custom cleaning flows and other helpful features.

Revenue Management Reporting for Leaders

Bring your laptops for this interactive session! Leaders need to know what is happening in their company, their market, and with specific homes. Understanding how to read the data and which reports you should look at weekly will save you hours of time. In this session we discuss how to find answers quickly and how to interpret the data.