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Principles of HK Costing

Do you pay your cleaners out of Streamline? Do you want to? Come learn if housekeeper costing makes sense for your operation, or refresh your knowledge on best practices.

The Ownership Shuffle

Understanding the impact and process for ownership changes is essential for every property manager. Learn more about this evolving process with our team!

Don’t “Rec” Your Accounting – The Cycle of Accurate Bank Reconciliations

Consistent and timely bank reconciliations play an important role in having a solid accounting foundation. This session will help you better understand the reconciliation process.

RevMax: Maximizing Availability – the Expanded RevMax ToolKit

Too many turns on one day? Need to structure your stays for maximum operations efficiency? Can’t staff of holidays? Want to avoid stays dipping into high-rated weeks and messing up stay patterns? RevMaxMD has your solutions with stay functions. In this session we will review the use of functions CTA, CTD, ST, Gap Logic, Dynamic Minimal Nights and Lock Length of Stay and Pricing.