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Help your Business Blast Off with our Owner Tools

To maintain a healthy business, acquiring new Owners and managing existing Owners is required. Learn how to manage prospects with our Homeowner Acquisition tool, and how to improve your relationship with your current Owners through Owner X, new reports, and more.

Houston we have an answer “Happy Stays”

Learn the many benefits Happy Stays provides to your guests and dig in to setup basics.

Document Fundamentals

Written communication (e-mail) is still the primary way guest interaction occurs for most PMs. Make sure you are getting the most out of yours. This course will cover the most important tags, triggers, StreamSign, and additional advanced features. Identify best practices and make sure your team is comfortable editing and updating this important and oft neglected part of Streamline.

Custom User Groups and Access Management

Not everyone needs the keys to the spaceship. Learn how to control who has access to what. Custom User Group Q&A help session

Get N’Sync with Airbnb

AirBnB “wants it that way”! Don’t let synchronization issues “tear up your heart”. Say “Bye, Bye, Bye” to connection stress by learning tips, tricks, and best practices to manage your AirBnB integration.

The ABC’s of OTA Troubleshooting

Learn the basics of troubleshooting OTA connection errors. Identify how to quickly re-sync units to avoid lengthy interruptions that cost time and money!

Get Sirius about maintenance automation and inventory

Learn different property care options aimed at improving maintenance efficiency and tracking. Meet with SL team to review/setup inventory, alert triggers, recurring work orders, and general Q&A.

Sparkling Homes and Cleaning Flows

Learn about the different ways cleans and inspections are created, scheduled, and managed. Meet with SL team to review/setup custom cleaning flows, inspections and other helpful features.

“Rounding” Out The Year

Start preparing for year end accounting now, by understanding the processes that play a vital role in this yearly exercise.

RevMax: Length of Stay Strategy Optimization

Turning away guests because their stay patterns don’t line up with your ideal length of stay pattern? With length of stay pricing you open up the ability to take more stays at a “total stay value” that is IDEAL for your owner without having to worry about the actual length of stay. This tool also enables you to create pricing that makes the “total stay cost” for a longer length of stay more attractive, therefore allowing you to compete better for those stays that will reduce operational costs. Please bring your laptop as this will be hands-on learning.