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How to Update Your Tickets

IMPORTANT: Because the date to send badges for printing has passed, please send us an email with any changes you have made to badge names so that we can have them manually printed for you. 

Here is how to update your own ticket name or re-assign tickets

Note: You can only re-assign a ticket to another attendee if you were also the purchaser.

1- Find your Streamline Summit 2023 confirmation email.
(Tip: Search your inbox using keyword “Streamline Summit 2023”)

2- Click the Sign Into Event button to go directly to your profile.
Here you can correct your own ticket name (then Click Done to save changes) OR

3- To RE-ASSIGN a ticket to someone else(you can only do this if you are logged in as the purchaser)

  • Click DONE to confirm and close the profile window
  • Click the top right round profile icon à then Click on YOUR TICKETS menu item
  • Click on YOUR ORDERS from the top menu
  • Click on EDIT button to the right on your Order ID line item
  • Click on the attendee ticket you want to re-assign and Update their name to the NEW attendee.
  • Click SAVE
  • Scroll down to the newly assigned attendee and SEND them their ticket confirmation and QR code for registration by clicking the Email Icon




I cannot find that confirmation email

If you cannot find that email, visit this link and login by using the email you registered with. You will receive an email that contains the button to Sign-In.

I still cannot get in with the email I thought I registered with

Email Aymee Corzo and include the full name of the attendee(s) you are looking for, company name and what you wish to update.

What happens if I don’t update this information by 8/04/23

The badges will print with the names entered in the system as of 8/04/23. Any attendee information changed or newly added after this date, will receive a manually printed label at registration that can be attached to the badge (instead of a pre-printed badge).