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Mission Ready Accounting

Feeling grounded with accounting? Get ready to blast off by understanding how to balance your books using different reports and tools in Streamline!

OTA’s Can and Cannots

Don’t get lost in space when configuring Taxes & Fees for OTA’s. Let us help you stay grounded by helping you understand what’s possible when connecting to your channels.

Month End Closing Best Practices

There are many “small steps” before the “giant leap” to closing out your month. We’ll navigate the steps that allow you to use the Close Accounting Period function to your advantage.

“Rounding” Out The Year

Start preparing for year end accounting now, by understanding the processes that play a vital role in this yearly exercise.

Make a “Statement”; Surprise Your Owners With a New Look

Owner statements are arguably one of the most import forms of connection and communication you share with your owners. This session will help you identify if it’s time to refresh your look or layout.

Principles of HK Costing

Do you pay your cleaners out of Streamline? Do you want to? Come learn if housekeeper costing makes sense for your operation, or refresh your knowledge on best practices.

The Ownership Shuffle

Understanding the impact and process for ownership changes is essential for every property manager. Learn more about this evolving process with our team!

Don’t “Rec” Your Accounting – The Cycle of Accurate Bank Reconciliations

Consistent and timely bank reconciliations play an important role in having a solid accounting foundation. This session will help you better understand the reconciliation process.