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Help your Business Blast Off with our Owner Tools

To maintain a healthy business, acquiring new Owners and managing existing Owners is required. Learn how to manage prospects with our Homeowner Acquisition tool, and how to improve your relationship with your current Owners through Owner X, new reports, and more.

The Long Haul – Long Term Reservation Management

Many PMs have embraced or adapted to long-term rental management being their primary source of rental revenue, while others have added long-term rentals as a strategy to diversify their unit portfolios. Join us to learn how Streamline manages this reservation logic.

Fuel Your Business with Data

Come and learn how to collect and maximize your data through Streamline functions, partner integrations, premium Streamline features and your direct bookings to see your profits blast off!

Lead Management Lifecycle

Utilize Streamline’s new CRM to help you capture, collect, and use all of your valuable guest and reservation data while converting leads to bookings!

Houston we have an answer “Happy Stays”

Learn the many benefits Happy Stays provides to your guests and dig in to setup basics.

Document Fundamentals

Written communication (e-mail) is still the primary way guest interaction occurs for most PMs. Make sure you are getting the most out of yours. This course will cover the most important tags, triggers, StreamSign, and additional advanced features. Identify best practices and make sure your team is comfortable editing and updating this important and oft neglected part of Streamline.

Out of This World: Best Report Practices

Streamline houses many different reporting options. This session focuses on key reports that should be reviewed regularly by different departments on your team.

Custom User Groups and Access Management

Not everyone needs the keys to the spaceship. Learn how to control who has access to what. Custom User Group Q&A help session