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Revmax: Gaining Owner Buy In to Revenue Management

Owner buy-in can be one of the biggest barriers to adding revenue management techniques to your business model. But early adopters of this new technology are seeing huge returns for their investment into buying and learning how to efficiently implement these tools and functions. How do I gain owner buy-in so my company can adopt a revenue management culture in the future? RevMaxMD explains how to use data analytics and a firm understanding of these new tools to show owners the value revenue management brings to the table for their properties.

RevMax: Length of Stay Strategy Optimization

Turning away guests because their stay patterns don’t line up with your ideal length of stay pattern? With length of stay pricing you open up the ability to take more stays at a “total stay value” that is IDEAL for your owner without having to worry about the actual length of stay. This tool also enables you to create pricing that makes the “total stay cost” for a longer length of stay more attractive, therefore allowing you to compete better for those stays that will reduce operational costs. Please bring your laptop as this will be hands-on learning.

RevMax Hot NEW Features! Early Check-In and Late Check-Out

Adding to your bottom line while providing a GREAT guest experience? YES PLEASE! Introducing the NEW system features of Early Check-in and Late Check-out sales and pricing strategies. Find out how these two additions to your sales strategy can immediately add to your bottom line while allowing purchasing of these to be done directly through your website without the need for a person to create the sale! In this session we will review the function and set up of this new feature. Please bring your laptop as this will be hands-on learning.

RevMax: Maximizing Availability – the Expanded RevMax ToolKit

Too many turns on one day? Need to structure your stays for maximum operations efficiency? Can’t staff of holidays? Want to avoid stays dipping into high-rated weeks and messing up stay patterns? RevMaxMD has your solutions with stay functions. In this session we will review the use of functions CTA, CTD, ST, Gap Logic, Dynamic Minimal Nights and Lock Length of Stay and Pricing.

RevMaximization: RevMax Tools & Dynamic Pricing

RevMax brings to you the best in revenue management tools including NEW Automatic Pricing NOW with a NEW user experience. Create time saving automations while using efficient human interfacing tools to customize your sales strategies for any segment of inventory. In this session we will review Streamyield, Automatic Pricing, and the NEW Revenue Management Tape Chart. Please bring your laptop as this will be hands-on learning.

RevMax Fundamentals

Ready to maximize your revenue potential? In this course we will take you through the first steps to getting started and setting up your RevMax system for use. We will begin with activation and navigation and then end with data organization and viewing reporting once organization is complete. Please bring your laptop as this will be hands-on learning.