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Guest Magnetism: Unleash the Power of Branding and Marketing to Attract, Convert, and Retain Guests!

Leverage tools and partnerships within Streamline and learn how to deploy campaigns that deliver revenue and improve your brand recognition.

Boost Efficiency with Property Care

Learn how field operators can use the Property Care app to manage their tasks and maximize efficiency.

Using Data to Create Successful Business Strategies

Creating successful business strategies starts with understanding your starting point and the future potential. Let us take you on a deeper dive into the reports that will help you construct strategies for both short and long-term growth.

StreamShare Synergy: Increase Your Booking Exposure

Learn how you can grow your supply, increase your booking and use the import/export API to tap into the potential of the Streamshare ecosystem!

Navigating the world of Airbnb

Discover the power of a unified integration between Streamline and Airbnb. Learn how to effortlessly manage Airbnb reservations and explore exciting new features available to you now.

The Next Frontier of Pricing: Stay Value Pricing with RevMax Length of Stay Pricing

Stay-Value Pricing is an integral piece of revenue management, and RevMax is the only one in the industry currently offering this pricing method. In this class we will explore the future of pricing and discuss how Stay-Value Pricing is disrupting traditional methods while rewarding PM’s with increased bookings/profits.

The NEW Max Yield – How to Maximize the Use of this Even More Powerful Tool

Want to learn about the dynamic pricing method that works universally for ALL types of inventory? Now we have made it EVEN MORE powerful with a next level addition! Explore how this form of dynamic pricing can help you level up and change the game in your favor.

Fine-Tune Different Levels Of Your OTA Integrations

Fine-tune your integrations game by power-leveling through beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of the Integration world and achieve maximum exposure.

Adding Market Rates to your Pricing Strategies

Unlock the power of competitor/market rate intelligence in this RevMax session. Learn how to effortlessly incorporate competitor rates into your pricing strategies, saving you time while maximizing profitability. Join us and elevate your revenue management game to new heights.

Audit Quest: Mastering the Challenges and Leveling Up!

Learn the advanced accounting techniques, from trust reports to bank reconciliations to dominate an accounting audit.